NORTHWEST FOOD   The Northwest Indians were surrounded by an environment that allowed them to eat several types of food.  They received an endless supply of fish from the ocean and animals and fruit from the forests.  They were hunters and gatherers. The tribes that lived right on the coast, ate mainly food from the sea.  They ate salmon, seals, sea otters, whales, and other types of shellfish from the water.

In the fall, during the "salmon season," the people could catch enough fish to feed their families for the whole year.  Fishermen made fences of tree saplings to bring the fish toward waiting nets as the salmon swam upstream.  The Indians pulled the big salmon from the water by the thousands.

Mask for the "First Foods Ceremony"

Once winter was over, then came the first foods and the "First Foods Ceremony".  In the Indian culture no one is to go fishing or berry picking until the first food ceremony was held.  This ceremony thanked the Creator for the bountiful harvest.  Once all of the food was blessed, everyone in the tribe could start hunting and gathering food for the spring months.

This is a picture of how the NW Indians caught salmon.